When you hear the word »bog« your first thoughts are probably connected with horror films or thriller where bog bodies are drawn out of the bog or where people get devoured by the bog. But at the Hücker bog in Spenge it was not like that – luckily. There were four restaurants next to each other, every one with their own land at the sea. Together with my mum and my sister I went to the »Moorstübchen« where I had a piece of cheesecake – my favourite one.

After that we walked outside through the nature. One thing which was a pity in my eyes was that you couldn’t walk around the whole lake. You could only walk a bit into the forest or on the lands of the restaurants. This was not that nice then because I really like walking around a lake next to the water. But it was a nice afternoon anyway. ♥

With love, Mandy ♥

Hücker Bog
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2 thoughts on “Hücker Bog

  • 30. April 2017 at 19:41

    So schöne Bilder! Und der Kuchen sieht ja mal mega lecker aus 😀
    Übrigens bekommst du das zwar vermutlich jeden Tag gesagt, aber wie kann man bitte Mathe & Wirtschaftsmathe studieren? 😀 Ich bin in der Uni fast vom Stuhl gefallen, als ich das gelesen habe. Also Respekt an dich und natürlich noch gutes Gelingen weiterhin! 🙂

    Fabienne Sophie

  • 30. April 2017 at 19:44

    Ich finde dass es am Hücker Moor sehr schön ist und dass du auf den Fotos ebenfalls wunderschön aussiehst.


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