Last weekend there was a yearly performance of my ballet school. And although I was standing on stage there already several times, I was still really nervous and excited. But I think this is normal and belongs to it. On both days everything went really good and it was a nice feeling to be on stage. Although everyone tells me that it doesn’t fit together that I am so shy and venture to stay on stage – my opinion: you can’t compare these two things.

The warmth of the spotlight, the warm dance hall under your feet – that’s just an amazing feeling.


Modern Performance
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5 thoughts on “Modern Performance

  • 21. May 2017 at 18:55

    Uh, das sieht cool aus!
    Welches Buch von Fitzek hast du denn letztens gelesen? 🙂

    Fabienne Sophie

    • 31. May 2017 at 8:11

      Ich tanze Ballett, Modern und Jazz Dance und dort bei der Aufführung haben wir nur mit Modern eine Choreo getanzt 🙂

  • 31. May 2017 at 11:18

    Tolle Bilder! Ich kann dieses Gefühl verstehen, das muss sicher toll sein. Ich würde das auch sehr gern können. 🙂

    Liebst Elisabeth-Amalie

    • 27. June 2017 at 8:01

      Vielen lieben Dank ♥


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