The northest of the three baltic countries and (in my opinion) the most beautiful capital city: Tallinn. During my Erasmus semester in Lithuania I travelled to Tallinn for two days in January 2017. The old towns of all three Baltic countries are really beautiful but Tallinn I liked the most – the old town is completely UNESCO world culture heritage.

I took the night bus for the eight hour ride. Luckily I had both seats for myself but the ride was really exhausting. It was so hot because of the heating and a baby was crying the whole night. So in the morning I arrived in Tallinn really tired and I didn’t know where to go. It was around seven o’clock in the morning, all shops were still closed and I could only go to the hostel at 12 am. Unfortunately there were no signs in which direction the old town is so first I went to the wrong direction – at least some time passed because of this.

Some time later I arrived in the old town and luckily I could check-in in the hostel some hours earlier. From the 14 beds in the room only six were used – I was really happy about that. After getting ready my bed I went for a little nap for around one hour to get some sleep after the sleepless night in the bus. With some more power I finally went outside to explore the city.

But this wasn’t that easy because – the small lanes are beautiful but – it’s really easy to lose the orientation. On the town hall square there was still the big christmas tree – which gets burned in the end of January every year.

Occasionally I went back to the hostel to drink a lot of tea and to drink a lot of porridge because it was so cold outside. Especially at the sea – probably it’s not the best idea to go see the sea in winter.

In the evening I met two Germans in the hostel. They were on the way to travel through Russia and Asia. Because of that the evening passed really fast – and the evenings were really long because the sun went down so early. On the next day I took part in a Free Walking Tour. This was really interesting because we got to know a lot about the city, the country and the houses.

During the rest of the day I went through the old town again and wrote some postcards. Several times I went into a shopping centre to get a little bit warmer because it was even colder than on the first day. Unfortunately there were also no signs back to the bus station so I was really scared to get lost. But I was really happy when I arrived at the station and when I was sitting in the bus. During the night we drove back to Vilnius.

My recommendation is to travel in summer and not in winter because when it’s so cold outside you’re not motivated to explore the city and walk around outside. But anyway, I spent two really nice days in Tallinn.