In December 2016 I travelled from Lithuania to Lappland – from Vilnius to Savukoski. It was a long and exhausting drive but when you woke up and you’ve seen the first reindeers next to the street you knew that it’s worth. All the snow, the reindeers, huskys – a dream. But sadly we didn’t see Northern lights, but that’s just another reason to go there again.

At the time we’ve been there, there was only one hour of sun. Before I couldn’t imagine that this will influence you so much but you are so tired when it’s dark the whole day. But this didn’t stop us from exploring the nature with skies and snow shoes.

My personal highlight was the visit of a reindeer farm. We could do a slight with them! This was so amazing! But also a strange feeling because the head of the reindeer from the slight behind us was directly next to my head the whole time. But with this a childhood dream came true because I always couldn’t imagine that there exist reindeers in real life. After the slight we sat down in a small cottage around the fire to get warmer. One farmer was so faszinating – his friendly and silent charisma, how he gave us a cup, a spoon, tea or coffe and lastly a traditional pastry called Kampanisu which has the form of a crown and looks a little bit different in every area of Lapland. Furthermore we were told a lot about reindeers – e.g. that they are going through the forest every summer to count all their thousands of reindeers.

The temperature outside was really cold (-20°) but with our snow suits it was really nice outside. All the snow and the beautiful landscape – like a dreamworld.

On our way back we stopped in Rovaniemi, the city of Santa Claus. But there we had too much time because there was not so much to see. After that we could visit the Artic Museum in the center of Rovaniemi. This was really interesting and faszinating and I could have spent some more time there.

I was standing  on the Arctic Circle! I know I don’t have any benefit from it but it’s still really cool. And I could see some reindeers for the last time.