In the end of August 2016 I travelled to Lithuania for five months to study there for one semester. It was a really interesting time and I’m really happy that I did this step. Vilnius is a really beautiful city and I was living in the part Užupis so I could enjoy the beautiful old town every day on my way to university.

In the dormitory I lived in a triple room. At the beginning it was a little bit strange to have no room for yourself and being alone but I got used to it really fast and my roommates were really nice. The bathroom we’ve shared with the room next to ours and this was not that nice because it was really dirty the whole time, the same as the kitchen which we shared with the whole floor.

I really like the winter so it was so nice to wake up in the morning and everything is white outside for several months.

The main building of the university was also really beautiful. It felt like you’re in a museum instead of a university.

These things were my favourite food during the time: cheese, donuts, cottage cheese bars, soup and traditional pastries.