I’m always asking myself why my bag is so heavy. But when I look at this post now then I know why. But there are some things which I totally cannot miss in my bag.

First there are some pencils, a notebook and these two calenders. I bought them in Lithuania and especially the one with Winnie Pooh is so cute, isn’t it? In the left one you have one side per day – I use it like a diary. There is also a scale where you can note how much water you drink on every day. I always use this to describe my mood and especially on bad days this can be really helpful because sometimes I notice that my day wasn’t as bad as I thought before.
The one with Winnie Pooh has a weekly side that’s why I use it as a normal calender. On every page there is a short Winnie Pooh quote in Lithuanian which I translate week by week and which is always a nice start into the new week.

And because three notebooks are not enough, I have two more. The right one is just for notes and the left one is my thoughts-book.

In my thoughts-book I decorated the first three pages with some photos so that you remember nice memories directly when you open it. On the rest of the pages I’m writing inspiring quotes and beautiful memories. But also nightmares and negative thoughts can find their place here.

What else can’t be missed? My phone. I created this cover with huellegestalen.de . It was so difficult to decide which photo to take so now I decided to take a photo from Lapland so I can have some snow with me all the time. And my favourite quote also had to be on there to remember me that I should face my fears and that it’s worth it.

And if you get hungry? That’s why I always take some food with me. Mostly I have cereal bars, a banana or some slices of bread with me. Or some chocolat – but only it it’s not 30 degree outside.

And the last things I always have in my bag: my watch, my wallet and my mp3-player.

And then I wonder why my bag is so heavy all the time!? What about you? Which things always have to be in your bag?

What’s in my bag?!
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One thought on “What’s in my bag?!

  • 9. July 2017 at 13:20

    Du hast recht. Meine Taschen sind auch immer viel zu schwer. Meistens packe ich allerdings immer zu viele Sachen ein und bereue es dann später.👜


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